SCORPIO 23/24 from October to November 22/23
fixed sign in the middle of the autumn season, water sign, the ruling planet is Pluto Mars but also does its part.
Those born under the sign of Scorpio can be divided into two categories: the eagles flying high and believe in high ideals and the snakes that slither and fall to unfortunate works.
Scorpio in love slips into unimaginable trouble, dreaming impossible loves chasing them to the limit of Stalking and instead ignores those who really loves the limits of vulgarity, its nature is basically masochistic and self-defeating.
In the work of throws insane and improbable competitions, his obsession to be the best stems more from his low self-esteem that the will to win, think that if others see his skill then recognize ....
Scorpio has no middle ground either physically, can have a nice little one physical and proportionate or be tall and strong, generally if his life has a nice physical appearance will be secure if and solar, but if his body will be awkward and rotund will shy and moody.
To understand the true nature of a Scorpio below the story comes from the ancient Indian book Panchatantra:
Once upon a time a Scorpion that had to cross a river, is
known that scorpions can not swim, the Scorpion saw
a water turtle and asked if he would take him beyond
of the river. The tortoise replied: "No it will not take you, because you
bite with your stinger and after I´ die! ".
Then the scorpion replied, "but if I had to sting you,
I die too ". The Scorpio convinced the Turtle by logic and a thousand assurances and the
turtle decided to pick up on the back the Scorpion
beyond the river.
In the middle of the trip the scorpion stung the turtle.
Desperate the turtle asked to Scorpio: "why did you do this ?! You told me you dont bite me, and now we will die together. "
The Scorpio answer, "it´s true, I had promised , and I was sincere, but it is my nature" !!!

According to Kabbalistic astrology corresponds to the 7th son of Jacob DAN the month of Cheshvan meaning judge, Mars, Solar Feminine.


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