LEO from 23/24 July and 23/24 August
fixed fire sign that lives in the middle of the summer season, the ruling planet is the Sun which is in exaltation in his home,
people tend to shine the lion of this fortunate planet by sending their royalty and sometimes their self-centeredness,
The lion is a sign that loves to surround the beautiful and luxurious although sometimes not if you can afford, even in the choice of partner is not attracted by mundane persons but rather as individuals who could help and support in his life even to level of image or as a support and relief.
The lion does not like to cheat but if it does it is for a good cause, and of course with the lover will have a domain role, not of subjection, not love ironically be betrayed because it should come to terms with his own self-esteem destabilized, knows forgive in a manianima if the apology offered to them with kindness and contrizzione ...
This lion is more a kitten strutting by Leo but you let him believe he is a tiger and you´re done ...
According to Kabbalistic astrology corresponds to the 4th son of Jacob, Issachar or Judah lunar feminine tied to the sun ... do not forget that from the tribe of Judah was born "King David" and thus will be born the Messiah ... hence the apparent kingship and gift for leadership of this sign.


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