CAPRICORN December from 23/24 to 20/21 January
cardinal sign that opens the winter season with the "winter solstice", the element is earth, the planet Saturn.
Capricorn is a lucky sign especially in the work since it has a great desire to emerge and to better themselves, shall implement this work by working hard and methodically, has an excellent capacity of discernment in all the chiefs from work to friendships will never randomly chooses evaluates them, put them to the test, he promotes or bowl and trust that there is no appeal ...
He knows in every field producing excellent things if it is a musician will be the best, if a writer is the most learned, if it is a thug will be the most crafty ....
As children of the Capricorn are real authoritative not authoritarian leaders, precise, ordered, invent their methods to organize their life, in love are very selective in the partners do not look just physical but especially the aspect the aspect intellectual and whether it will able to keep up.
According to astrology Kabbalist is the ninth son of Jacob his name is ASER or ASHER, the planet Saturn is a Solar Feminine sign ... is one of the favorite sons fact, he says, "Asher is blessed more than the other sons of Jacob."


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